MA’AN means Water in Arabic & Respect in Hindi,
therefore the tagline says,
“Respecting Water”.

A startup company established with the aim to address a global problem of Potable and Healthy Drinking water availability & Water wastage.

How It Started

Raised with an important moral value that “Every drop counts” our Founder took a small initiative to experiment the need for a better water purification technology in India. He did this experiment in his own house, using RO where he concluded with the result that for every liter of purified water, 4 times of water was getting wasted.

After extensive survey, it was found that consumers were not aware about the importance of minerals contents required in water, water wastage ratio, high maintenance and high-power costs associated with today’s RO technology and plastic waste of membrane generated almost every six months. Therefore, the area of his innovation centered to invent and develop a water purification system that was better than RO.

In 2016, after extensive research, he discovered a technology called Capacitive Deionization where water purification process removes harmful contaminants from water with significant reduction of water wastage when compared to RO. This technology has been modified for Indian water conditions which needed major changes to process the method of water purification. Finally, the technology with modifications was named as Conductivity based Capacitive De-ionization (CCDITM) which resulted to be an advance solution than RO System.

Our Mission

To establish and emerge as a global addresser of the problem, faced by the economy by providing healthy mineral water solutions with minimal wastage.”

Our Vision

We believe to bring a change in the environment by restoring its natural resources i.e. water, with minimal wastage during purification at affordable cost.

Our Board Members

Mr. Shashank Gupta


He is a Post-Graduate in MEng Engineering with Business Management from King’s College London.
He believes that, “Water is precious, and we mustn’t waste it.” He took an initiative to discover something more economical and aimed at restoring every bit of the scarce resources.
His sharp visualization, inventive mind and hands-on experience in managing multiple things with perfection and with over 8 years of experience makes him an inspiration in business.

Dr. Kanika Gupta


Mentoring, Planning and Guiding lady having a medical background is the Co-founder of this enterprise. She has done her MBBS from Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Pune.

Exceling in her field she is a Gold Medalist in PGDHM from International Institute of Hospital & Health Management Research, New Delhi.

She is responsible to conceive and implement healthcare related aspects and draw a greater vision for the rise towards a healthier society.